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What It Feels Like to Turn 60 — and Beyond

My birthday made me wonder: How do I age with grace?

I recently turned 60. I sure don’t feel 60 and I’m told I don’t look it, but the milestone made me wonder: How do I age with grace? My mother died when she was 48 and I was 23, so I wasn’t able to watch her age when I was an adult. Read more

My Dog Story

My whole adult life I thought I was allergic to dogs...

Our kids would beg for a dog and I'd say "it's a dog or me, your choice!" First off, I thought I was allergic to dogs, and second, I thought of a dog as just another thing I'd need to take care of. I was actually 'anti dog.' If you brought your dog to our house it had to stay outside. I didn't know the names of my friends dogs. Dogs simply didn't matter at all to me. So when I had my 'dog awakening' it was a pretty huge life change.

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Mother's Day

Mothers Day can be loaded for those of us without moms. On this day every year I am extra aware of not having had a mom for a really long time. 

She was 48, and I was 23 when she died. She was 26 when I was born. I’ve had 36 mother’s days without her. For 29 of these years I’ve been a mother myself. 

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Love! and Marriage

My husband Peter and I have been married for 31 years this August 9. Anyone who’s telling the truth knows that being married for a long time is NOT EASY. We’ve hit the wall many times, but we somehow manage to climb over and come out okay on the other side. So when I see couples getting married, I wonder if they have any idea about the hard work it takes to STAY married.

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