Collaborative women's march poster

Very cool putting together this collaborative collage with these awesome women artists. I originally had this idea for a RESIST! submission. My art was chosen for the cover of RESIST very early on which was very exciting. Those first few weeks after the election, I kept working  out my anguish through my art. I really wanted to collaborate on something and this idea came to me. It was right before Christmas and I didn't get the response I'd hope for - and I kinda gave up on the idea. Then slowly art started to come in - and here it is! 

Check out the pin by Penelope Dullaghan and Pincause   and get some to wear for the march! For Every #PincauseLOVE you buy $1 goes to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) $1 goes to Planned Parenthood

To find a march near you

Thank you Pincause and Penelope Dullaghan, Tracie Mauk, Rebecca McCorkindale, Susy Pilgrim Waters, Kim Johnson, Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Gladys Teo - Simpson, Nancy Nimoy, and Bonnie Hofkin.