Another New Yorker cover!

It is SUCH a thrill to have my art on the cover of the New Yorker!  Every since I was a little girl I loved drawing women and pretty clothes. When I realized this could be a career like my babysitter Martha Vaughn who went on to illustrate the Style section of the Washington Post - I knew that was what I wanted to be - a fashion illustrator.  I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I was lucky enough to study with fashion illustrator Gladys Perint Palmer. Her free and loose way of drawing was a huge inspiration to me. I worked for many clothing designers, often bartering for clothes instead of money. I once pulled up to the toll booth on the Golden Gate Bridge in my little red Fiat sports car wearing $1000 leather pants and not enough money for the toll. (now I drive a Prius and try to only buy second hand :) When I met my husband, artist Peter Kitchell in San Francisco and we moved to the boonies of Western Massachusetts, I soon realized I'd need to branch out if I wanted to continue to make a living from my art, but fashion and beauty still remains one of the things I love to paint most.

It gives me much joy to share a bit of beauty through my art and if it brings even just a moments respite for people from all the ugliness we are bombarded with daily- then I am thrilled. Painting beauty in many forms has become a very important aspect of my work. 

Here is a bit of my process showing how I arrived at this final cover art. Yes, sometimes the final result has very little to do with the beginning ideas!