Three Weeks in Bali. An amazing trip spent in several of Airbnb’s wonderful accommodations.

The view from my yoga mat of rice fields with mountains in the distance. Doesn't get much better!

My husband, photographer Peter Kitchell and I decided this winter it was time to go on a real adventure. We chose to go to Bali - in part because of all the amazing places I found to stay on Airbnb! We have been Airbnb hosts for almost 2 years - but had never stayed as guests.

Our first stop - in Ubud at $23 a night was a real deal. The location turned out to be a bit inconvenient and the place was just so-so, (good example of photos being a tad more beautiful than reality!) but the staff was awesome and the breakfast was great! And the morning view from my yoga mat? Perfect! To see more photos go to my Bali - travel page.
The Djoyo B&B Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

House by the Beach in Candidasa

I LOVED our little house in Candidasa. The house had everything you needed and was super comfy - clean and wonderful, and walking distance to everything. Each day I found spots to paint and draw that always included swimming and a cold drink.

The view from about 100 feet from hour house in Candidasa

Every morning I tried to get up at sunrise to go jogging before it got too hot. There was a wonderful stone path around a lily pond next to a school. After a few days of watching the kids I got up the nerve to ask a few to pose for me.

After almost a week in Candidasa we went up into the mountains to Sideman for two days. Below was the view from the front porch of the dining pavilion which overlooked the river. The place we stayed was fantastic! The 19 year old kid who ran the place, Chakara, was super sweet, incredibly efficient AND a great cook. He and the owner took us on the back of their motorbikes to see Arac coconut 'wine' (basically- hooch!) being made in a still behind someone’s home and to also see traditional weavers. The small Airbnb inn was called Tepi Sungai - remote and lovely.

By this time about halfway into our trip - I began to really focus on painting plants and flowers.

It was at least 85 degrees out and probably hotter then that by the fire here. I sat on a bench and drew as fast as I could!

Om Shanti was the lovely small inn we stayed at in Amed. Built into a hillside overlooking the ocean- with a few beautiful rooms, gorgeous pool and great spa, it was a great stop for one night.

We stayed in this wonderful private home in Sanur Beach. Believe it or not, Bali is not actually known for it's beaches. Some are black sand, some rocky, and many not great for swimming, so I really wanted a GREAT beach for the end of our trip. We left 4 days open and booked this at the last minute. A few people told me Sanur beach would be just what I was looking for, and it WAS! We stayed in a wonderful family compound about a 10 min bike ride from Sanur Beach. Fairly new as airbnb hosts - Kadek and his mother, Sarita, were so nice and really opened their home so graciously. Breakfast each morning with the family was wonderful, and one night we had a traditional Balinese meal prepared by their cooks. We loved staying here! We saw a wonderful ceremony on the beach in Sanur. I was so inspired by the colors and traditional costumes.

I can't wait to take another adventure and it will begin with looking for the best places to stay on Airbnb! Meanwhile, we are about to get busy as hosts. Our season is mid-April through early November. We love opening our place to people from all over the world, and Charlie, our dog, gets very excited about it, too.