Illustration:Improving the virtual me.

It can be a tortuous process doing any kind of ad or promotion for myself.  Granted, once in a while it may go easily, but more often I am my own nightmare client -- never satisfied and always thinking of ways to change what I've done.   I began the process for my new website after Eugenie Sils, publisher of the Women's Times, game me great feedback that my web presence didn't reflect who I am and what I do.  She came up with the idea of "Gayle Kabaker Creative Person."  I loved it and sketched the whole site around this idea -- until I got more feedback that this was too broad.  What exactly did I want people to hire me for?  Well, for all the things I love to do!  Realizing that good marketing needs to be focused, I zeroed in on illustration and design -- two of my most solid talents.  

After a consult with Daniel Lieberman, a great guy specializing in web marketing and development, I chose a CMS platform - Squarespace - and tried to design and implement the site myself.   Pretty quickly I found out that Squarespace is great and easy but only if you use their templates.  To modify their templates you need a web designer.  My research brought me to Liza Cunningham/Firehaus Studio.  Liza was the only designer who said to me, "Sure, I could implement your design but that's not going to work very well."  I was intrigued and wanted to hear and see what she thought WOULD work for me -- and I've ended up with a website that, with her help, is very different than anything I've seen out there.  It's me.  Virtually.  I hope you like it!