Animation : Where Do You Want to Go?

This animation was created for ACIS - a company who specializes in student travel. We wanted to use this year's catalog art and also to create an ad that shows the magic, adventure, and excitement of travel. Peter Jones who runs the company happens to also be a great friend and he is an amazing creative collaborator! I've illustrated the covers and inside art of their catalogs for the past five years and this is the second year we've created an animation. Projects like this are my favorite - collaborating with my wonderful animator John Ryan of Dagnabit, and my daughter, musician Sonya Kitchell for the music. Last year Peter and Sonya wrote the lyrics for the song together and this year Sonya changed it up and gave it a fresh new melody that I just LOVE! Careful - it will get stuck in your head.  

Every animation begins with a storyboard. This is how we work out timing and begin to tell the story. Like for example - we had too much dead space between frames 7-9 so we added the four people (I love how her arm gracefully moves onto the guys back!) and then we added the words "Let's Go". We had more beautiful animation of the dancer, but decided this is a travel client, not a dance client - so we had to let that go. I think that might be my favorite part - when the dancer jumps into the Degas painting! When you only have 40 seconds, every single second must be perfect. I love everything about this collaborative process.

We also created seven short 10 second spots to be used for online ads.  To see the shorts and more animations - go HERE.


Every animation begins with a storyboard. This is how we work out timing and begin to tell the story. Sometimes there will be a few seconds that feel too slow or are not working and then it becomes a challenge to figure out how to fix it. Luckily my wonderful animators John and his son Lucas of DAGNABIT are very patient men!  

Another New Yorker cover!

It is SUCH a thrill to have my art on the cover of the New Yorker!  Every since I was a little girl I loved drawing women and pretty clothes. When I realized this could be a career like my babysitter Martha Vaughn who went on to illustrate the Style section of the Washington Post - I knew that was what I wanted to be - a fashion illustrator.  I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I was lucky enough to study with fashion illustrator Gladys Perint Palmer. Her free and loose way of drawing was a huge inspiration to me. I worked for many clothing designers, often bartering for clothes instead of money. I once pulled up to the toll booth on the Golden Gate Bridge in my little red Fiat sports car wearing $1000 leather pants and not enough money for the toll. (now I drive a Prius and try to only buy second hand :) When I met my husband, artist Peter Kitchell in San Francisco and we moved to the boonies of Western Massachusetts, I soon realized I'd need to branch out if I wanted to continue to make a living from my art, but fashion and beauty still remains one of the things I love to paint most.

It gives me much joy to share a bit of beauty through my art and if it brings even just a moments respite for people from all the ugliness we are bombarded with daily- then I am thrilled. Painting beauty in many forms has become a very important aspect of my work. 

Here is a bit of my process showing how I arrived at this final cover art. Yes, sometimes the final result has very little to do with the beginning ideas!


A wedding.

Our daughter got married this summer. A life changing experience for all of us! Here are a few paintings. 

zelda and sonya.jpg
walking the bride.jpg


I was lucky enough to have my art on the cover of the first issue of RESIST! Today I just got the official word that this art made it into the second issue! Yay!  RESIST Volume 2 will be officially released on July 4th, 2017. It will be given away free in comic book stores and book shops and by volunteers who pre-order on the website. Thank you Francoise Mouley and Nadja Spiegelman - it means a lot to be part of this amazing publication. See more about RESIST! here