Thrilled to have this weeks New Yorker cover! Read the interview on the New Yorker HERE

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Jewelry Ad

I had the idea to combine my art with photographs of the jewelry for this ad for the Lockhart Collection. I am really happy with how it came out - but was a tremendous amount of work to get ALL those elements to work! You can see a bit of my comp process below. As you can see what I ended up with was VERY different that how I began! Very convenient that I happen to live with a great photographer. One stop service here at Kitchell/Kabaker Studios!


Red Dresses


I have 3 shows coming up between July and next Feb. 2019! A local show at Salmon Falls, in Shelburne Falls, a show in Portland Or and another in Phoenix. I had a psychic reading  last month and she saw me having gallery shows and well... then these shows came my way with literally no effort on my part. My themes will be pools and red dresses. And I am part of a show next week in Washington DC called the Art of Disruption, sponsored by Vitalvoices.org. Thrilled to be connected to Vital Voices and excited to go to DC for this show of women artists at the Long View Gallery.  

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